Chiropractic Care in Niagara Falls

Chiropractic Care in Niagara Falls NY

Stop suffering from nagging back pain on a daily basis. At Wheatfield Family Chiropractic in Niagara Falls, NY, we offer relief. Even if you’ve never visited our modern facility, subluxation and chiropractic care will make a real difference in the way you live. We provide many sciatica back pain and pinched nerve treatments from cold laser therapy to spinal decompression!

Our talented personnel will identify the source of your pain using detailed spinal exams and X-rays. From there, our doctor is able to eliminate back pain, hip pain, neck pain, pinched nerves and numbness, while treating the most severe sports injuries. Wheatfield Family Chiropractic works directly with your primary physician to ensure you receive the most effective form of care.

Browse the following section to get a better sense of our treatment options. No matter the precise nature of your pain, Dr. Kevin Skowronek will be able to provide relief.

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